Careers and Ed Spring 2014

How to survive as an artist in SF's 'new economy'


For the tech-savvy and the tech-averse -- our guide to riding out the city's latest transformation. Read more »

The Milkman delivers

CAREERS + ED ISSUE: How one guitarist's passion became a means of San Francisco survival


LEFT OF THE DIAL It's a question most musicians are all too familiar with. If you tell someone at a party that you're a working musician, that person is inevitably going to ask — after a few polite questions about your hardcore band/classical jazz quartet/street-corner performance art where you alternate reading Blake passages with playing the accordion — "So, you have a day job?"Read more »

Art is hard

CAREERS + ED ISSUE: It's up to our artists to save the Bay Area from becoming like everywhere else -- if they can hang in there. Hang in there!


It's gotten so that I'm terrified of my own Facebook. Every time I refresh, it seems another artist is leaving the city. Last month alone it was two drag queens, a photographer, a painter, a couple writers, a gaggle of DJs, a singer. And actors, always actors. There have been fabulous farewell parties or simply abrupt messages. "I just bought a house in Austin." "Think I'm gonna love Seattle." "Chicago's where my head's at now." "Any hookups with Bushwick collectives?"Read more »

Get action

CAREERS + ED ISSUE: Local film schools prepare students for reel life


CAREERS AND ED Ah, the bright lights of Hollywood — so close, and yet thankfully far enough away to allow Bay Area filmmakers to develop their own identities. The SF scene thrives thanks to an abundance of prolific talent (exhibit A: have you noticed how many film festivals we have?), and continues to grow, with a raft of local programs dedicated to teaching aspiring Spielbergs — or better yet, aspiring Kuchars — the ins and outs of the biz.Read more »

Spread your wings

CAREERS + ED ISSUE: Six courses to expand your artistic horizons




Dance Mission Theater has kept itself going by offering some of the most cutting-edge and exciting classes around. (Even the cast of The Real World dropped in recently for some schooling on how to vogue.) Here, instructor Bruce "Mui" Ghent of the Maikaze Daiko dojo will teach you how to bang your own beat out — on very, very large drums. The rigorously physical class (dress to sweat) introduces the basics of the ancient Japanese musical art form, taught with martial arts etiquette and discipline.Read more »

Curating the city

CAREERS + ED ISSUE: Gallery evictions signal a major shift in the art world, with the technology boom serving as the problem and its potential solution


Geary Boulevard runs almost the entire length of San Francisco, beginning in the middle of the Financial District, at the historic Lotta's Fountain. Along the first few blocks of one of the city's longest streets — amid a bustling community of corporate offices, luxury boutiques, and specialty coffee houses — the city oldest established art galleries have thrived. But that's changing.Read more »