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Trannyshack changes its name -- and the Internet explodes. Plus: Animal Collective, Glamamore, Maxxi Soundsystem, Last Nite, more parties.


SUPER EGO A few weeks ago, Heklina, lippy doyenne of uproariously venerable, 20-year-old drag hole Trannyshack, contacted me. She had an idea about writing an op-ed for the Guardian about why she was changing the name of Trannyshack — "possibly to T-Shack, in response to the growing controversy over the word 'tranny.'"Read more »

Here is your Trannyshack Star Search winner, riding a giant ejaculating donkey

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Congratulations and ejaculations to you, Sue Casa -- a new "talent" taking it back to the Trannyshack old school last Friday. (Hey, she beat out the poop-eating.)

The Performant: Sexcapades, no ice


"SPANK!" and "Sex and the City: Live!" heat things up a little

The Regency Ballroom is awash in estrogen and vodka martinis, overrun by neatly-coifed former sorority sisters sheathed in tasteful rayon suits and drop earrings. The few men in attendance fall into two distinct camps—balding bruisers wrestled into button-down shirts, and fidgety-looking younger men who know they have just been dragged into the theatrical equivalent of a chick flick. One only hopes that a reciprocal arrangement involving the Super Bowl or some racy bedroom activity was reached earlier on, the latter being the most appropriate to the occasion -- an evening of E.L. James-inspired comedy, “SPANK! The Fifty Shades parody.”

Apparently not to be confused with “50 Shades! The Musical,” nor “Fifty Shades of Grey: a XXX Adaptation,” “Spank!” bills itself as a musical review, and features just three performers as writer E.B. Janet (Amanda Barker), “smoldering” anti-hero Hugh Hanson (Drew Moerlein) and the painfully two-dimensional ingénue Tasha Woode (Michelle Vezilj).

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Parties without borders

In the age of social media, San Francisco's wildest clubs (and shrewdest promoters) are taking over the world


"My body's over Guam somewhere."Read more »